Mantra Epping

- Epping, Melbourne & Surrounds

250 Cooper Street, Epping VIC


Trader Café, Restaurant and Bar - Temporarily Closed

Bask in the culinary masterpiece of a modern Australian dish, prepared by our Chefs at Trader Café, Restaurant and Bar, who display unsurpassed skill with each and every meal.

Our desire is to create a haven where you can eat mindfully and focus solely on your time with us as we serve you, our valued patron. Relax in the evening over a glass of vino and unwind from the events of the day. Meet up with colleagues to discuss ideas or plan for tomorrows agenda. Share stories with friends in the relaxed ambiance of our hotel restaurant, and satisfy hungry tummies when travelling with your family.

It’s one of the most essential meals of the day and your morning will be off to a great start when you dine with us for a wholesome breakfast.

Long lunches or quick snacks in transit to your next business meeting or before you hit the road are our specialty. Make your selection from our lunch menu and indulge in a midday beverage. Or simply order to go and take your food and coffee with you.

For those times when you’d rather dine in the privacy of your room, Trader Café, Restaurant and Bar offer an exclusive room service menu. You’ll enjoy the same standard of excellence in dining while making the most of your in-room entertainment, or having an early night and catching up on much needed rest. Please note, if you order outside of our room service hours, we offer a set night menu for your convenience.

Republic tavern & beer republic brewery - Temporarily Closed

Modern Australian Brewpub
Craft Beer. Fine Wines. Cocktails. Rotisserie. Grill.

The North’s own.. Republic Tavern is the home of Beer Republic Brewery. Good food, great drink and even better company. A local gem with doors open to everyone. You’ll see why it’s a revolution. Welcome to the Republic.
Entry via Mantra Epping carpark