Rising out of the sparkling waters of the mid-Pacific are six of its brightest jewels; the main islands of the Aloha state: Hawaii.

Aloha is Polynesian for ‘peace’. That’s what you feel, being nestled in this archipelago’s year round warm embrace, basking in its remarkably consistent climate and the equally warm hospitality of its people.

Hawaii has some of this planet’s youngest geology: volcanic peaks that provide a verdant home to a dazzling array of tropical flora and fauna, as well as cultural, historic and man-made attractions to delight visitors of all persuasions.

Whether you’re a big wave rider, a nature admirer, a history buff, an amateur anthropologist, a serial shopper or simply someone that loves to relax, Hawaii will tantalise your senses, satiate your pleasure points and leave you with indelible memories. Come and see why Hawaii is considered by many to be first amongst all the Pacific paradises.

The Hawaii Hotspot is a geological term for a specific area where volcanism occurs. This shouldn’t be confused with Hawaii’s other hotspot, cosmopolitan Honolulu, located on the southern shore of Oahu.