Mantra makes business travel easy

3 easy business travel products

Corporate Accommodation

Corporate accommodation

Mantra makes it easier to do business

No matter where you're going or what sort of accommodation contract you need, you'll find Mantra matches convenient locations with great government, corporate and group rates and benefits.

Live At Mantra

Live@ Mantra

Do you need long term accommodation?

Whether you're relocating, working away from home, or just need long term accommodation, Mantra makes it easy to be part of the community so you can live like a local in no time.



Big savings for small businesses with BizBeds

Just because you're a small business or sole trader it doesn't mean you should take small savings lying down! BizBeds is your convenient, easy to use and cost effective way to discover exclusive online rates through the BizBeds website – up to 10% off the Best Available Daily Rate. If you're a business or an individual with an ABN number without a corporate accommodation account with Mantra Group or an affiliation with a travel agency, you can sign up for immediate BizBeds access.