Visit Tropical North Queensland rainforests

Take a family holiday to Queensland to see the tropical rainforests Visit Tropical North Queensland rainforests

If you're after a family holiday in Queensland that will get you all closer to nature, think about visiting some of Australia's most lush areas in Tropical North Queensland.

Mantra has plenty to offer for your accommodation on your trip, such as the stunning Mantra Heritage resort in Port Douglas.

You can spend as little or as much time as you like checking out the rainforests, so you can make it a small part of your trip away, or it may be your entire reason for going!

About the Tropical North Queensland rainforests

Stretching over 500 kilometres from Townsville to Cooktown, these world-heritage protected forests are some of the most breath taking in the world.

Covering approximately 894,000 hectares, the rainforests are generally the same temperature all year round because of the protective canopy and thick leaf cover. In fact, the forest floor receives less than one per cent of the sunlight that reaches the top of the trees.

Some of the trees grow as tall as 200 feet, towering above the others and providing homes for some 30% of Australia's marsupial species, almost two-thirds of butterflies and a third of bird species - so you are sure to see some wildlife on your adventure.

At least 25 species of animals that dwell there are classified as very rare, such as the brush-tailed bettong, the spotted-tailed quoll, the yellow-bellied glider and the southern cassowary.

The Tropical North Queensland rainforests are the oldest continually surviving rainforests on earth, and once covered the entire Australian continent.

"You can spend as little or as much time as you like checking out the rainforests, so you can make it a small part of your trip away, or it may be your entire reason for going!

Taking a tour

For a short two hour tour that won't tire the kids out too much, you can take the Fan Palm gallery tour. This option will let you see where the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef meet at the base of Thornton Peak or Wundungu. Walks leave at 10am and 2pm every day, with local experts talking you through the highlights.

If you're keen for a full day of exploration in the rainforest, have a look at a one day Daintree tour. Your experience will take you on board a river cruise on the Daintree River to learn about (and see) the Estuarine crocodiles, the mangrove forests and other wildlife. You'll get a run-down of the flora and fauna in the area on a walk, and a chance to take plenty of photographs of the lush scenery as you search for a southern cassowary. In the afternoon, you'll be treated to a barbeque lunch, a chance to hand-feed a kangaroo, and a rainforest stream swim to cool off.

The rainforest by night is a totally different place, which is why you can take a three-hour, torch-lit stroll through it during the darker hours. Torches are supplied, but you'll need to be wearing long pants and covered shoes. Kids are welcome, and often have just as much fun as the adults in such a novel setting. If you're interested in this totally unique adventure opportunity in Cow Bay, book your tickets in advance here.

While you can take a stroll in the rainforests alone, why would you?! It's much more fun in a family group, and much safer with a guide to show you the way.

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