The top reasons to cook for yourself while on holiday

Cooking self-contained accommodation

When you're holidaying around Australia, it can be pretty easy to fall into a pattern of only eating takeout or dining at restaurants. Of course, at the time it seems like a great idea, especially after a full day of adventure. Get hungry, buy food, eat - done. However, if you're travelling on a budget and looking to stay healthy while on holiday, cooking your own meals is one of the best ways to do so. 

Here are three reasons you should try cooking for yourself more while you're away.



Utilise your hotel accommodation facilities

There are many hotels across Australia that offer more than just small studio rooms. In fact, there are lots of  accommodation options that give you a selection of apartment suites with multiple bedrooms and a full kitchen or kitchenette.

For example, many of Mantra hotels across the country offer self-contained rooms, and others have serviced rooms available which also have their own stove tops, kitchen utensils (such as frying pans), bar fridges and microwaves. With a little organisation during your stay, you could easily prepare yourself a culinary feast just as easily as if you were cooking at home (with the benefit of being in an amazing location where adventure awaits!).


Save money

Holidays cost money, that's just a fact. However, you can easily limit the amount you spend while away from home by planning and budgeting in advance. This, of course, includes ensuring you purchase food from a supermarket to cook yourself, and not eating at every nice-looking restaurant that you pass by.

It's important to note that you can certainly enjoy takeout and restaurant meals occasionally during your travels, but to save money it's better to limit this.

There are many hotels across Australia that offer more than just small studio rooms. In fact, numerous examples give you a selection of apartment suites with multiple bedrooms and a full kitchen or kitchenette.

Let's say you are on holiday for exactly one week. You eat three meals a day, not including snacks and extra goodies. For the sake of simplicity, we shall say you are reasonable with where you go, and spend $15 for breakfast and lunch, then $20 for dinner and you'll be spending around $50 each day, which equates to $350 each week per person. For a couple that is $700! Multiply that by the number of weeks you plan to be on holiday, then add any additional food and drink items such as snacks and beverages.

So what if you bought your own groceries for the most part? According to the MoneySmart website, the average couple with children spends between $220 and $280 per week on the full family shop. Even if you exchange items you wouldn't need on holiday for snack goods and the occasional takeout, you're still likely to save hundreds of dollars and can use more of your budget on activities (or to extend your holiday).


Stay healthy

The final aspect of comparing cooking for yourself and eating out on holiday is about health.

It's no secret that fast food chains, though often tasty, aren't the healthiest of options. Certain burgers from these restaurants can have up to 27 grams of fat in them alone, not including sides. Fish and chips aren't much better, and can sometimes have even more fat than a burger thanks to the oil used in the deep frying process.

You could try to eat at nice restaurants for the most part, even vegetarian restaurants, but you will always be restricted as to what is available and what your food contains. If you cook for yourself on the other hand, you are in complete control of the ingredients. You can shop from a nearby market at your for fresh, local produce, then serve it however you please! This is a great way to taste regional food and experience the local market culture at your holiday destination.


So what will you be eating on your next big holiday?

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