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Bowls is an incredibly popular sport the world over, with over 500,000 people participating in Australia alone, according to the 2010 Bowls Australia National Bowls Census Report. Did you know that this fun past time could yield you a prize packet of $225,000...
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Were you to write a book about the history of cars, it would be filled with some truly stunning examples of automotive genius. Since the days of the Model T Ford, cars have been the pride and joy of many, exemplifying a perfect mixture of engineering power and design beauty...
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Sailing is a wonderful past time, both to perform and to watch. While the sailors themselves have a raft of exciting events to compete in and show off their boats, spectators get to travel the country to some of the most stunning coastal areas Australia has to offer to watch the sails flitter and glide about the water...
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Have you ever witnessed a body art show before? The creative colours, surreal shapes and charismatic characters that come to life during such a performance are hard to describe, as there are few other situations where you will look up at a performer and truly struggle to believe that they are not wearing a costume - that the art work is painted on...
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There's certainly something about rally car racing that we all seem to love. Be it the growl of the engines, the fear of a crash or the thrill of seeing a car fly past faster than you'd ever dare drive yourself, this international sport is exciting to watch...

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