See Darwin in a new light during the wet season

See Darwin in the wet season

With a population of just over 125,000 people, Darwin certainly isn't Australia's biggest city - but it's one of the country's most interesting. Darwin is the only tropical capital Down Under, and enjoys a climate that's significantly different from what you'll experience elsewhere in Australia. Darwin is a wonderful destination at any time of year, but if you're planning a trip to this growing city, you may have been told to stay away during the wet season.

Well, we're here to discourage you from taking that advice. For the traveller with a love for the extraordinary, a holiday in Darwin during wet season can be a unique and breathtaking experience. Let us explain the advantages of travelling to this popular destination between November and April.


About Darwin's climate

First, for those who are unfamiliar with Darwin, it's best to get acquainted with how this tropical climate feels throughout the year. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology states that the mean maximum temperature in Darwin hovers between about 32 and 33 degrees Celsius during the summer months. Things don't get very cool at night, either - low temperatures range from about 23 to 25 degrees.

However, as the blog Traveller notes, temperatures aren't that much lower in the wintertime, anyway - you're still looking at median highs above 30 degrees, even if you visit in July. So heat isn't a good reason to stay away from Darwin in the wet season.

What some people might worry about is the plentiful rainfall that occurs during these months. This isn't a debatable fact - Darwin experiences an average rainfall of 250.8 mm in December, 426.3 in January, and 374.6 in February (compared to 1.2 mm in July). Don't get us wrong, there's a lot of rain and humidity - we just don't think that should stop you.

For the traveller with a love for the extraordinary, a holiday in Darwin during wet season can be a unique and breathtaking experience.

The best parts of Darwin's wet season

So why should you come to Darwin during this rainy time of year? For one thing, with plentiful rain comes an abundance of natural beauty. The natural world seems to awaken during the summer months, with a diverse array of flora and fauna coming out of the works. According to the travel blog Travellers, Fogg Dam - just an hour's drive from Darwin - sees huge numbers of birds coalescing around its walls. Lilies spread their roots across the region's wetlands, and numerous animal species experience surges in population during this fertile time of year.

Another impressive aspect of the Darwin wet season is the intense beauty of mid-day storms and the floods they can trigger. The Australian government's Parks Australia website states that many attractions remain open at nearby Kakadu National Park even during the wet season, and in fact, the plentiful rainfall during this time makes the park's waterfalls simply breathtaking. You can hop aboard a scenic flight to catch a glimpse of the water flooding over the falls in full force – a spectacular sight!

Finally, because the wet season is also the off-peak season for Darwin tourism, you can get great deals on holiday accommodation in the area. You won't have to rub elbows with so many tourists, and can enjoy Darwin's iconic summer sunsets in peace.


Accommodation in Darwin

If we've convinced you to come to Darwin for wet season, you have a number of options of places to stay. Consider Mantra on the Esplanade, located right in Darwin's Central Business District. The hotel offers gorgeous harbour views, perfect for watching the sun disappear over the water or taking in the beauty of a gorgeous summer storm.

Another option is the Mantra Pandanas, also located in the centre of town. Boasting a laid-back yet sophisticated vibe, Mantra Pandanas is characteristic of this tropical city's personality.

Darwin properties

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Mantra Pandanas

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Mantra Esplanade
Mantra on the Esplanade

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