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The Greek word ‘podilato’ means bicycle. Podilato is also the name of the all-new restaurant & bar that is Mantra MacArthur Hotel’s pride and joy. It’s sister restaurant is Peppers Gallery’s Bicicletta,’ and the common theme in the restaurant names is extended to the same ‘traditional meets modern’ fusion in their menus. Podilato does to traditional Greek dishes what Bicicletta does to Italian – gives them a fresh take and serves them in a relaxed sharing ambience.

Head chef Sean Mawbey brings a world of experience to every dish on the table. From his early days serving out his apprenticeship in a two hat restaurant in Sydney, to being a pastry chef in London, to managing large teams and being his own head chef, Sean’s appreciation of rustic Mediterranean fare has never diminished. By keeping to fresh ingredients and uncomplicated cooking styles, Sean tempers the richness of tradition with the delicacy of modern gastronomy in some inspiring variations on classic Greek dishes.

Podilato is currently closed.

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