Australia's North West

At the top of Western Australia there's a place where the giants of the sea are happy to see humans swimming next to them. At dusk the sun turns the ocean into gold, and the earth is red. It's the place where at night endless stars come out and shine and are happy for you to sleep under them. It's Australia's North West - a truly authentic Australian experience. Dive with Whale Sharks, swim with wild dolphins, sleep under a canopy of stars, or explore the beehive-like formations of the Purnululu National Park. Mantra Frangipani is an excellent Broome accommodation choice and the perfect home base for you while exploring all that the region has to offer, and retire afterwards to the perfect sunsets of Cable Beach.

Between a vast red desert and azure blue sea, alongside a pure white beach lies the charismatic town of Broome. Often called the gateway to the Kimberley, Broome was founded as a pearling port over a century ago and as a result, has become a melting pot of many nationalities. Visit Broome »