Ten best ice cream places in Sydney

Posted By Sean Dalton On August 26, 2013

Ice cream in SydneyTen best ice cream places in Sydney

Winter is fast heading back to where it came from - and let's be honest, winter in Sydney isn't really all that wintery anyway.

So, whenever that famous Australian warm weather strikes, it means that it's officially time to head out for ice cream.

Even if you're visiting the city and staying in Mantra 2 Bond Street for a quick getaway, there's always time for an ice cream from one of these great locations!

Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina is tucked away on Victoria Street in Darlinghurst and offers a range of forty flavours that rotate every single day. The ice cream cakes are a sparkling gem of this store, and the intriguing and unique flavours of gelato will keep you coming back to have the chance to try them all.

Cow and the Moon Artisan Gelato

Pop in to the tiny Cow and the Moon Artisan Gelato on Enmore Road in central Enmore for a local favourite that has been kept a secret for too long. Made on site, the flavours range from caffe latte to merango tango to caramelised fig and walnut.


A jewel in the crown of Bondi Beach's offering of divine eateries, Pompei's is known for its gelato - despite their skill as expert pizza makers. The name isn't just a gimmick either, as owner George Pompei spent two decades in Italy perfecting the art of gelato creation before bringing his talents to our shores.


Anyone who knows anything about Newtown will have heard of the name Gelatomassi, and they've probably been for a taste test too. With late opening hours and a generous sample policy, the owners here are quick to make an impression and difficult to forget. Keep them in mind for a consistently fantastic ice cream or gelato.

Ice and Slice

Another one worth tracking down in Newtown, Ice and Slice offer pizza, sundaes and arguably the best gelato on King Street. Try it before you buy it and enjoy the courtyard out back on a lazy sunny day to sit down and relish in your indulgences.

"Sydney is a sunny and warm city for most of the year, so it's always a good time for an ice cream!


Wowcow's frozen yoghurt is so good that you can pass it off as an ice cream store and no one will even mind. Not only is its yoghurt undeniably delicious, this Darlinghurst store offers 98 per cent fat-free treats for anyone who pays them a visit. One of their specialities is the creation called 'Wow Sticks', which are a bit like churros, only healthier.


Passionflower has two stores - one in Capitol Square in Haymarket, and one on Anzac Parade in Kingsford. Flavours available here are what happens when you mix ice cream with Asian tastes, so you can expect to see delicacies like black sesame, sticky rice and lychee rose. It's well worth a visit during a trip around Chinatown.

Mado Cafe

It might be a little further out of the city, but it wouldn't be on this list if it hadn't thoroughly earned its place amongst Sydney's ten best ice cream stores. Mado Cafe in Auburn offers a taste of Turkey for those who make the trip. The real novelty is that you eat it with a fork, and the flavours are pretty impressive too.


Sticking with the international flavours of ice cream, Patagonia on Coogee Bay Road offers visitors an Argentinean spin on the frozen treat. Just across from the beach, it's an ideal snack for those sunny days when you just need something frozen and utterly delicious.

Bar Italia

Last but not least, Bar Italia in Leichhardt has been around for years and has spent all of that time offering divine Italian food, coffee and gelato. It's an ideal spot to end the night with some of these marvellous flavours.

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