Turn a weekend away into a proper holiday

Posted By Sean Dalton On August 26, 2013

Turn a weekend away into a proper holidayTurn a weekend away into a proper holiday

Our hectic lifestyles often don't allow us to get away for a full week. Whether it's work, budget, social or family commitments, there are plenty of reasons why we can't take a whole five days away from life for a bit of time out.

So what can you do about it?

Book in a weekend away, and follow these tips to make it feel like you've been away for a week.

One of the main tricks is to do plenty of things that are relaxing, but don't take much time - this will make you feel like you've seen and done lots of things over a long time - all the while, you've only been away from home for a couple of days!

Stay somewhere new

Staying in a hotel or resort will always come with that 'novelty' factor that you get just from sleeping and eating somewhere new.

If you simply stay with a friend or relative, you might feel like you're not really experiencing new things and visiting fresh places, so booking a couple of nights' accommodation somewhere will be sure to leave you feeling like you've really been away.

Wherever you're headed, Mantra has plenty of places for you to stay. There are hotels in Brisbane, resorts in Broadbeach, and holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise just to name a few!

Take a book

Nothing says 'relaxing holiday getaway' like a good book. Stay away from the 'War and Peace' type tomes, and stick to a quick, easy read that will only take a few hours to finish. Finishing a whole book in an afternoon is a luxury we don't usually afford ourselves, and always comes with a sense of accomplishment!

Spend time with the family or friends

Catching up with people you haven't seen in a long time, whether they're relatives or old friends, will remind you why you miss them and get you out trying new cafes, bars and restaurants in the area.

Seeing people you don't often catch up with will also reinforce the fact that you're away from home, so a shared dinner or drink will make it feel like much more of a holiday than spending meal times with only your travelling buddies or group.

"Staying in a hotel or resort will always come with that 'novelty' factor that you get just from sleeping and eating somewhere new.

Don't waste it all sleeping

As much as we'd like to sleep half the day away while we're on holiday, you simply can't do this if you want to make the most of your trip.

Certainly have a longer sleep-in than usual, but set a time to get up and get moving so you're not dragging your feet until midday.

Turn off the gadgets

Another great trick to feel like you've really had a long, relaxing holiday (even though it's just a day or two!) is to turn off those electronic devices that keep you connected to your life back home.

If you're constantly checking work emails, or even just the news reports, you'll feel as though you've worked for the duration of your break.

If you absolutely must check up on something back home, set aside 30 minutes in the morning to deal with urgent emails and phone calls, then get back to your holiday!

Take a walk

Getting out into the fresh air will work wonders. Even just an aimless hour-long stroll will reinvigorate you, making you feel as though you've been walking longer than you really have (especially if you find a tougher uphill track!). It will also let you see new sights, breathe in a bit of fresh air, and enjoy the relaxing feeling of walking just for the enjoyment of it - rather than your usual fast walk to catch the lights or to make it home on time.

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