Five tips for improving your travel photography

Posted By Sean Dalton On August 12, 2013

Taking a great travel photograph doesn't have to be difficult.One of the best parts of any holiday is documenting your travels and creating a record of the most cherished moments from your trip.

One of the best parts of any holiday is documenting your travels and creating a record of the most cherished moments from your trip.

These snapshots and travel photos provide a beautiful memento of your holiday - but sometimes it can be a little difficult to capture the exact moment you were after.

If you've got an upcoming family holiday in Queensland or another part of Australia coming up and your travel photography skills are a little rusty, don't fret!

Check out these five handy tips to help you improve the quality of your holiday snapshots. With these pointers under your belt, you're sure to have something frame-worthy by the time you come home.

Try a new angle

Australia is well known for its natural scenery and eye-catching environments, whether it's the dazzling underwater wildlife at the Great Barrier Reef or the striking landscape of the outback.

However, the flipside to all of this is that many of the most recognisable attractions will have been photographed countless times - so if you'd like to get your own unique shot of something like the the Sydney Opera House, you may want to think outside the box.

The good news is that there are a few easy photography tricks you could try to make your photo a little bit different.

Consider shooting from a different angle, such as down on the ground or higher up from another building, wait for a different time of day (such as dawn or dusk) or use a different lens like a wide angle or fish eye to lend a unique look to your photo.

Frame carefully

Once you've got your focus sorted out, it's a good idea to consider your framing as well. Snapping a great travel photo involves a bit more than just 'point-and-shoot'.

If you've found something special you want to take a photo of, whether it's your family in front of an iconic landmark or something else that catches your eye, frame your photo carefully to ensure you only get what you want in the end result.

Be selective about what to include in the photograph and what to remove. If there's anything unwanted obstructing the edges of the view you see through your camera, reposition yourself or your subject to get a better angle.

"Take the time to really make sure the subject of your photo is in focus.

Think ahead

When you're sorting out your itinerary for your holiday, take the opportunity to do a little research about possible photographic subjects or areas that would make for a beautiful snapshot.

Note these down and make sure you take the time to visit these during your vacation - this will ensure that you have some great photographs worthy of displaying once you get back home!

It's a good idea to find accommodation close to the attractions on your list to make it even easier to capture the perfect shot - for example, if you're staying at one of Mantra's hotels in Broadbeach, such as Mantra Broadbeach on the Park, you'll be right in the middle of all the action, minutes away from the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

Be prepared

Finally, a handy tip to remember is to come prepared for lots of photographs. Take extra cards to allow for additional storage and try to download your photos onto your laptop as frequently as possible to free up more space on your camera.

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