Fun family-friendly recipes to make on holiday

Posted By Holly On July 11, 2013

Home made pizza is a great thing to make with the kids in your holiday apartment!Fun family-friendly recipes to make on holiday.

Family holidays in Australia can be a great opportunity to sample food from local restaurants and appreciate the nightlife.

Yet when you have the whole family in tow, finding the children something to eat from a restaurant menu can be more of a nightmare than a fine dining experience!

A way to get around spending a fortune on room-service or takeaway is to stay in a holiday apartment.

At Mantra, our holiday apartments come with large, fully functional kitchens so that you can do all of your own cooking. Plus, you can find Mantra apartments in most family holiday destinations, from Broadbeach to Port Douglas.

Cooking is an activity that the whole family can enjoy together - it can be great bonding time.

Why not get the kids in the kitchen and try some of these delicious, family-friendly recipes next time you are on holiday?

Breakfast: Very berry pancakes

Nothing says "I'm on holiday" like starting your day with a batch of freshly flipped pancakes! Mix some berries through the batter to give them a healthy twist and serve with lightly baked bananas and maple syrup.

Younger children will be able to help mix together the ingredients, while the older ones can work on their pancake flipping skills.

To give your kids plenty of energy for the day ahead, you could even add some oats to the batter - oats are low GI and will keep the whole family feeling full for longer.

Lunch: Mouse traps

Mouse traps are an easy, delicious lunch idea. The staple ingredients for this recipe are bread and cheese, which you then put in the oven and toast until the cheese is melted and and the bread slightly crunchy.

Many families have their own variation of mouse traps. Over in New Zealand, they like to spread a layer of marmite under their cheese! Australians may want to substitute it for our national yeast spread, Vegemite.

In France, a similar meal called a 'Croque Monsieur' is widely available in cafes. They toast ham, cheese and béchamel sauce on white bread. A 'Croque Madame' also has a poached egg on top.

Dinner: Homemade pizza

Tasty home-made pizzas are a great option for family holidays. They are quick and easy to make, but they are also flavoursome, relatively nutritious and fun for the kids.

Simply buy some pizza bases from your local supermarket and chop up various toppings for the kids to choose from.

Teach them to apply tomato base to the bottom and then let them go wild and pick their own ingredients. You may want to supervise just in case they start to render their creations inedible!

Dessert: Ice cream surprise

For dessert, indulge your children's sweet tooth and stock up on plain vanilla ice cream and a variety of candy, such as gummy bears, chocolate flakes, marshmallows and more.

Then arm your kids with a small bowl and get them to mix through the lollies of their choice. They will love the chance to be creative and add their favourite sweets!

If you want to make this option healthier, try low-fat natural yoghurt instead.

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