Five must-see animals in Tropical North Queensland

Posted By Holly On July 29, 2013

The Humpback Whale is one of the many amazing animals you can find in the waters surrounding Tropical North Queensland. Five must-see animals in Tropical North Queensland.

Tropical North Queensland (TNQ) is home to some of the most fascinating and colourful animals. With rainforests, wildlife habitats and zoos, it's no wonder it's one of Australia's most popular family holiday destinations.

If you're planning on escaping to TNQ for a weekend getaway or family holiday, then it's definitely worth adding these five animals to your "must-see" list!

#1 Koala

While you can find koalas throughout Australia, TNQ is one of the few areas where you will have the opportunity to cuddle one.

Cairns Tropical Zoo has a "Cuddle a Koala" activity which the kids will love. These little creatures sleep for most of the day (sometimes up to 21 hours!) but when they are awake, you might have the chance to give one of them a quick cuddle. Visit for more information. 

#2 Southern Cassowary

Native to TNQ, the Southern Cassowary are a protected species, and important to the local environment.

While not the most beautiful of birds, Southern Cassowaries have an intriguing appearance and are well-worth a visit.

One of their more unusual features is their tendency to eat fruit whole, which then allows them to deposit the seeds back into the natural environment.

There are concerns that extinction of the Southern Cassowary could lead to the extinction of certain plant species!

You can see these unique birds by paying a visit to the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat, which is located a short drive from Mantra Heritage.

"The Humpback Whale is one of the many amazing animals you can find in the waters surrounding Tropical North Queensland."

#3 Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo

Want to see a kangaroo with a difference? Then make an effort to catch a glimpse of the Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo.

Also on display at the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat, these tree kangaroos are native to TNQ. Those that live in the wild tend to make a home in the tropical rainforests.

The Wildlife Habitat is lucky to have these creatures on display - only one other habitat in the world has Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo.

They are fascinating creatures to watch, so be sure to visit the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat and see them for yourself.

#4 Humpback whales

Take some time out from rainforest tours and zoo visits and jump on board a boat and explore TNQ's waters instead.

Located close to the famous Great Barrier Reef, the sea off the coast of TNQ is bustling with life.

Whale watching is highly recommended, especially between July and November, when humpback whales are in the area.

There are many tour operators that know the best places to find these amazing animals. Stay in Mantra Hervey Bay and you will have a prime whale-watching location right on your doorstep!

This activity is definitely worth your time - prepare to be wowed by the sheer size and magnificence of humpback whales!

#5 Crocodile

Face your fears and get up close and personal with one of Australia's most infamous reptiles: the crocodile.

After spending a day at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures, you might get a chance to see that crocodiles aren't as scary as first thought.

Crocs are actually incredibly fascinating creatures, and you will learn all about them by taking a tour along Hartley's Lagoon or visiting their commercial crocodile farm.

In addition, Hartley's is also home to a range of other animals, such as cassowaries, koalas and snakes.

It's a great place to visit for a family day out. Pack a picnic and take a stroll through the many boardwalks and nature paths, and keep an eye out for the many different wildlife that call Hartley's home.

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